New Discoveries On Plants, Animals, And Crawly Creatures

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Every week, scientists make new discoveries about the creatures all around us. Sometimes new species are discovered, and sometimes we learn more about the diverse creatures on our amazing planet. Here are some brand-new discoveries, all found in the past 3 months, about the plants, animals, and crawly creatures all around us.

-Scientists have found that some insects can “jam” the sonar that bats produce. The hawkmoth produces ultrasound waves that may make it more difficult for bats to Read the rest of this entry »

Science And Technology Claims: Fact Or Fiction

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Science And Technology Claims: Fact Or Fiction

Believe It Or Not: We Live In A World Of Mostly Nothing
What we previously knew about the Universe is all wrong. By this, I mean over the course of the last decade, astronomers, physicists and cosmologists have learned an unbelievable amount of information concerning our world. First, our Universe may be part of a multiverse, which is one of multiple other Universes existing in parallel to us. You can think of this as each Universe being a bubble. Second, only four percent of our Universe is Read the rest of this entry »

Google Glass: The Next Best Thing?

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Google Glass is a clever device being tested for a public release in the future. The device is seated on a pair of glasses and responds to voice commands. It can take images and video and also display information to a portion of the user’s visual field.

Amazingly, all of this technology is accomplished by what appears to be an ordinary rectangular piece of glass attached to an electronics case smaller than a USB drive. The device weighs less than the average pair of sun glasses.

Glass Explorer Program Lets Lucky Few Test Google Glass

Though not yet available to the general public, the Glass Explorer Program allows some lucky consumers to test the Explorer Edition available for 1,500. The consumer version is expected to be released later in 2013 with a significantly smaller price tag. The retail price is expected to be similar to the cost of a smartphone.

Things Google Glass Can Do

Google Glass can take video from the user’s perspective whenever given the verbal command, so much of the video Google is using to promote the device involves unique and exciting events such as riding a roller coaster, doing gymnastics, flying planes, skydiving, fencing, horseback riding and more.

The video also includes touching moments such as playing with children and pets and dancing with a partner. On the practical side, the video shows how Glass can provide GPS directions while driving or information you need for your flight in an airport.

Geeks Will Love Google Glass

Gadget geeks who have already snatched up devices such as smarthphone Nexus 4, mini tablet Nexus 7, or full tablet Nexus 10, are likely to be interested in Google’s new and innovative gadget.

In fact, it has a strong draw for any gadget, technology or sci-fi enthusiasts looking for some of that future technology they’ve always been waiting for. If nothing else, Glass looks and behaves like a so-called futuristic device and the novelty of it will be enough for many people to want it.

Average Tech Users May Hesitate Before Buying Google Glass

People who already have a smartphone to take pictures and video and use as a GPS may hesitate before shelling out money on a new device that does similar things even though Glass does those things in a unique way. Some might think it looks silly or feels akward to wear.

Some might feel they would never have any use for such a gadget. Some may wonder how hard it will be to learn this new way of interacting with Glass. Some people may worry about the price tag.

Google Glass is Likely to Succeed

Overall, the product is likely to be very popular and should be a hit along with other Google devices such as the Nexus series. Once a few people have them and post their unique pictures and videos to YouTube or other media sharing sites, more and more people will want one, although we should not expect one in every home for a good while.

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The Best Technology Advances Of The Past

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When looking back at the past it becomes immediately evident that the history of humanity is fundamentally a reflection of the uniquely complex relationship between human beings and their environment. This relationship with the natural environment is unique among living organisms in that humans do not merely adapt physically or behaviorally in response to the demands of their environment like other creatures, but significantly possess the capacity to consciously modify their environment to suit their needs. This capacity to both empirically Read the rest of this entry »

The Top Weirdest And Strangest Discoveries

October 27th, 2012 - Comments Off

Law of Conservation of Energy Finds Limit Inside of Black Holes

Every young child learns in science class that energy may neither be created nor destroyed, making the sum of all energy in the system a constant. This is supposed to be a law by which every person can feel satisfied that the universe is a predictable, stable place.

Not so fast. The Black Hole Information Puzzle tells us that when a black hole “dies”, it evaporates. All the mass sucked into a black hole disappears. Forever. One would Read the rest of this entry »

History’s Greatest Scientific Breakthroughs And Approaches

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When looking at the contributions science has made through the years, many of them fall in the category of medicine. For many centuries science was focused primarily on the study of the human body for the purpose of maintaining good health. Leonardo Da Vinci was the first person to create anatomically correct drawings detailing all of the internal organs. He managed to accomplish this by dissecting actual corpses, which was a practice forbidden by religious doctrines at the time. His drawings significantly impacted the way doctors treated Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 Human Advances And Discoveries

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Usually the body is known for healing itself when we undergo certain scrapes, burns, diseases and more, but some of the latest human discoveries and scientific breakthroughs have sped up or simply assisted the healing process in ways we may have not imagined.

Hydro gel Replaces Cartilage

Scientist have discovered that a hydro gel or “mock” cartilage can be inserted into the area where the original cartilage was missing and assist,the cartilage during it’s healing process. The hydro gel process involves filling the area around the bone with gel. This technique Read the rest of this entry »

2013′s – 2014′s TechnologicalImprovements And Inventions In Development

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The next two years are sure to bring humanity great breakthroughs in technology. From new entertainment gadgets to powerful rockets, humans have a great deal of technology to look forward to over the next decade.

Technology of 2013

2013 promises to be an exciting year when it comes to space exploration. With the scheduled launch of the Falcon Heavy and the Gaia Mission, the heavens will once again take center stage. However, space technology is not the only area of focus for 2013. Entertainment will get plenty of attention too. Read the rest of this entry »

The Top Scientific Experiments To Be Revealed In 2013

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A number of new developments in a range of scientific fields may be just over the horizon. Learning more about the breakthroughs that are expected in the coming year will ensure that you have the chance to follow groundbreaking work, experiments and keep tabs on any potential developments that may be of interest to you. Exciting work is being done in astronomy, particle physics and a range of other fields that continues to expand on our understanding of the world around us, choosing to follow such issues in greater detail could Read the rest of this entry »